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Server rules

Below is a summary of rules you need to follow if you want to have an account on this server of Mastodon:

  1. Server rules: 1. Min 18 years old. 2. Don't upload illegal content. 3. Only post material for which you own the copyright. 4. Respect all the members here. 5. Don't try to take customers from this site, if you have a bitcoin shopping cart, to other sites or other forms of payments.
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Stars.EroAward is a mix between private Twitter & paid membership sites, based on Mastodon decentralised networks and and soon to be added Bitcoin payments. It is dedicated to Nominees, mainly Stars, but also Professionals and Companies may apply. The Promoters & Fans, are invited to join https://Net4SW.com - the NETwork for Sex Workers & Swingers, where the accounts can be Public and can interact with all the Nominees accounts from here, Stars.EroAward (follow, send messages, likes). It is not obligatory to join EroAwardShop and to sell your services here in order to have a profile or to be a nominee. Everybody is welcome to join us and to be voted!

Basic Rules:

1. Min 18 years old to register.
2. No pedophily (all the people from pictures & videos have to be min 18 years old).
3. No prostitution!
4. Don't share copyrighted materials without permission!
5. No incest, scat, pee, zoophily.
6. No arms, drugs or other illegal activities.
7. Keep spam in decent limits.
8. No racism, hate, violence or bullying.

Who can join Stars.EroAward & why?

Anybody can be voted at EroAward, but the nominees (especially Stars), who have an account here, double the votes that they receive! So, if a nominee receives 3000 votes, if he/she/it has a profile on Stars.EroAward, will receive 3000 votes more, so totally 3000 X 2 = 6000 votes!

Another advantage of opening an account is that they can be nominated/voted with the UNIQUE nickname from here (as you know, many stars have 2-4-7 or more different nicknames on each site/social media, so with Stars.EroAward, they will have only ONE, that can ease the process of voting).

No nudity on EroAward.com or Stars.EroAward.com public feed (toots)!

As you've seen, on EroAward.com site & subdomains, nudity is not allowed. We have zero tolerance for public nudity, and the accounts who don't respect it, will be eliminated! All Stars.EroAward accounts have to be Private ( https://stars.eroaward.com/settings/profile & "Lock account" marked). Adult pictures & videos are allowed but as private toots (tweets). The nominees who want to add public feed (toots), please use our sponsor site https://net4sw.com - the NETwork for Sex Workers & Swingers, which you have to add it anyway in the 2nd tab from the 4 links on the right. The 2 sites are different sites, although they both use Mastodon, but the good news is that the users from each site, can interact (follow, private message, retoot, favorite, block, mute, etc.) with the users from the other site, and from any other site based on Mastodon (all the instances).

As soon as we launch the payment processor, the nominees who want, can sell here membership, pictures, videos, skype, etc, with the MAXIMUM PERCENTAGE from the industry 86% and instant payments!!!!!!!! But it is not obligatory to join EroAwardShop and sell services here.

The nominees can already create accounts here and add:

I. Pictures
2 pictures - avatars & background (no nudes, no explicit pictures! Cover your genitals at least with underwear, not with Photoshop. In the private toots (tweets), you are allowed to include other pictures or videos.)

II. Links
(in the 4 small tabs on the right, can be added up to 4 links. If you want more, can be added into Description, at the begining).

From the 4 links on the right, the first 2 links are Obligatory and have to include:

1. Shop - where soon we launch the bitcoin shopping cart, where you can sell your services. If you don't want to join EroAwardShop, you have to add https://shop.eroaward.com
It is not obligatory to join EroAwardShop and sell your services here in order to have a profile on Stars.EroAward and be a nominee!

2. Net4SW - https://net4sw.com , or your link-profile on this network. It is not obligatory to have a profile on Net4SW.

Why Net4SW? Many reasons, the most important 2: they are our Sponsors that help us to exist and they are the FIRST twitter-like social media dedicated to Adult, so, if your accounts on instagram or twitter will be deleted, then your accounts on Net4SW will NEVER be deleted, so you will never lose your fans here!

On 3 and 4, you can add only links where you added your Stars.EroAward profile or/and ask votes at EroAward at the top (avatar, &/or background, description, pinned/fixed tweet/post, story, etc).
Don't forget https:// for each.
Please, don't add links of sites where you don't mention EroAward (ask votes or inform if you won any trophy before) or your profile link at Stars.EroAward.

Your profile link includes @

Example of accounts on Stars.EroAward & Net4SW:



III. Bio

In Bio, you can have 3 things:

1. Links at the begining (not obligatory)
If you have more than 4 links to add, you can put them right at the begining of the Bio.
Don't forget https:// for each.
Add only links where you added your Stars.EroAward profile or/and ask votes at EroAward at the top (avatar, &/or background, description, pinned/fixed tweet/post, story, etc).

2. A short Description of yourself (not obligatory)

3. The minimum 4 categories where you ask people to vote for you at EroAward. (Obligatory!)
Ex: Vote for me
No.1 Categ name
No.2 Categ name
No.3 Categ name
No.4 Categ name
at https://EroAward.com!

Example of Public account view (click on the picture to enlarge it):

Example of Settings (click on the picture to enlarge it):

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