Terms of service

Basic Rules:

1. Min 18 years old to register.
2. No pedophily (all the people from pictures & videos have to be min 18 years old).
3. No prostitution!
4. Don't share copyrighted materials without permission!
5. No incest, scat, pee, zoophily.
6. No arms, drugs or other illegal activities.
7. No racism, hate, violence or bullying.
8. Keep spam in decent limits.

The rest of TOS are in the Server Rules:


Privacy policy

We don't sell your data like the majority of the big social networks, because our business is different: we make money out of EroShop, donations and sponsorships.

Nominees & EroShops

Stars.EroAward is a mix between Twitter & paid membership sites like OF, based on Mastodon decentralized networks and Bitcoin. It is dedicated to Stars who are EroAward Nominees (influencers, content creators, brand ambassadors). The Promoters, Fans, Professionals & Companies, are invited to join for free Net4SW.com - the NETwork for Sex Workers & Swingers, where the accounts can be Public and can interact with all the Nominees accounts from Stars.EroAward.com (follow, send messages, likes, etc).